Tuesday, March 14, 2017

What's YOUR Superpower?

We aren't superhumans. That's just scientific. We don't have radioactive spiders, or kryptonite. 
Sadly, there aren't guys that can run at the speed of light, or gals that can move things with their minds... (As cool as that would be)


There is something that exists that is just as neat.

Want to know what it is?

Take a guess!

Wrong! Try again. ;)

Give up?

This has been around for as long as human have been - which is technically true...

Because this phenomenon is known as humanity.

We are all a part of this. Every one of us. 

We aren't superhumans. But we can choose to be outstanding. We are all gifted, one way or another. Some of us are incredible actors, others care deeply for the hurting, others have athletic prowess. Everyone has something (quite a few have more than one). 

I'm sure you've been asked 'If you had powers, what would yo do with them?' 
I imagine the answer came with some form of 'change the world' (If that's not what you said... Why not?)

You have skills. You have the potential to change the world. What are you waiting for? 

Get out there, and be who God made you to be! Use your talents, gifts, time, and energy! 

Don't settle to be normal. Be excellent. Be outstanding.
Make them miss you, when you're gone.
When it's all said and done, be the the one remembered for doing "The Father's work" (Luke 2:49)

Just the days musings... What think you?