Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Lines Time Creates

There is no way to escape it.
It is always present, and always prevalent.
You can’t hide from it, or ignore it.

This is time.

If a man chooses to be rebellious in every aspect of life, they still cannot deny the final calling of time.
Each and every person will run out of it. Every last soul must succumb to it.
This leaves me with an important question. Amidst the tangles of the many lives we see daily, how many of those people fail to realize the importance of time?
More importantly, how do we use this temporary gift?

It was gifted to us before time began, and gifted by the One who began time.
This alone, is sobering.
Why do we make light of the vapor of time? We waste every second on video games, and Internet cats.
We use our smartphone screens to escape real life, with an earbud implanted in our ear 24/7, to drown out all that we disagree with.

I know of a generation that used imagination to create things of worth…Not to launch birds into a digital structure.  They worked with their hands to produce a living crop, not asking acquaintances to donate a ‘blanket’ or ‘milk bottle’ so your calf in Farmville will grow faster. They got jobs by working hard, and being their best, not by sitting in class, and spouting everything the teacher told them to.

Point is, we all have a predetermined amount of time to accomplish something great, and yet we stare into virtual realities, and worry about what someone will think of your latest tweet.
Let’s face it. This generation is in a rut.

How are we to escape it?

Certainly not by standing still, and waiting for someone else to pick up the slack. For all you know, YOU are that someone.
Get up. Look around. The world is broken. It has fallen to pieces while you sat, phone in hand, browsing Facebook.

Nobody knows how much time you or I have. So together, let’s use what we have left, and redeem it.

Ephesians 5:16

Perhaps I'm rambling...
Thoughts? Comments? Questions?