Saturday, August 2, 2014

Where Glory Matters

You’ve been counting down the days to this very moment. Every inch of your being is tense, waiting, lingering. Since you were young, this was your goal, and you; after so many years of experience, growing, and struggling; have come to this point. You breathe deeply, and look this goal straight in the eye. Fists clench, as you mentally steel yourself… This is it. This is the end of chapter one… This is the beginning of a whole new beginning.

This could be anything, from a major performance, to asking for a young lady’s hand in marriage. We all have a final goal in sight. The question is; will we complete them? And if so; how?
This is my question to you.

I am preparing for a couple races coming up soon. If I don’t work my legs, than I won’t be ready to run all the way. If I am not ready to run all the way, then I'm are no longer doing everything to God’s glory. Let’s face it… doing something halfway has NEVER shown any respect to God.

However, when you really go at it, and I mean with every aching hour, working those legs, just so you can finish that race strong, there is such a feeling of finality, knowing that you have done well, as a faithful servant.
Realize this doesn’t have to do with working out only… this applies to every task you set out to do, whether it’s sweeping the kitchen, or building the Eiffel Tower.

Let me take this one step further. I read on Google+ or Facebook (perhaps both) a friend of mine had said something to the effect of “We spend so much of our time in worldly pursuits.” Sure we give God the glory and all, but are we only blowing hot air? Do we spend time getting to know the One we are so worried about making known? If we truly do desire to Give HIM the glory, then it starts in our personal lives. When we give Him our time, our thoughts, and everything we have, (They are His anyways…) that is when we can TRULY say everything we do is for His glory.

Just a snippet of what’s on my mind this evening. =)

Am I rambling? What are your thoughts?