Sunday, February 23, 2014

What do we Defend?

Hey everyone!
A few months ago, I shared a blog post written by a friend about her thoughts on the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The response I got was shocking. I’m not going to go into the details of everyone’s comments, but they were all to the effect of “That’s wrong! How dare you go against a movie that I enjoy so much!”

I was amazed, and saddened. Now, I’m going to point out, that those of you that did comment made some very interesting points, a few of which were valid. But the real issue that I saw was not that someone chose to speak out against what they saw as evil; it was that people chose to stand up for something that has no eternal value.

Answer me this: Why is my generation so ready to stand up and defend a film of this world, specifically created to entertain, but will ignore the pressing issues of today? Abortion, for instance; we all know it is wrong… why don’t we do anything about it? And yet, we get all up in arms when someone says something against a movie that they feel strongly against.

To put it plainly folks, you are speaking out of both sides of your mouths. (This is something that even I struggle with!) I’ll admit… I’m not the best example. But I pray that this post will make a change in you and me.

Take a stand people. Not for your favorite film, or the music you listen to, but for Christ! If you really want to make a difference in this world, you have got to get His word out, and you cannot do that when you are arguing that Lord of the Rings is a worthwhile pastime.

Anyway… this has just been on my heart for a while… Had to get it out into the open. Any thoughts? Comments? Reiterations? Rants?
Please comment below what you think!

As always,
God Bless!

P.S. If you were offended, either ask God why, or (to put it bluntly) consider leaving. I’ll be doing a lot of posts like this… and if you don’t like the sound of this one… this may not be the place for you.
Just sayin’ =)