Friday, January 3, 2014

I'm back at it!

Hello to one and all!
I might as well get back to blogging, as I've kinda had this urge recently to write.

This post will mostly be a quick 2012 recap, and then some of the changes that will be happening to this blog.

Biggest and most important change, I think, was that I graduated. What a relief, what a great step towards success, what a great milestone. For those of you that haven't graduated yet, hang in there! It is one of the most rewarding feeling you will EVER have.
I made a lot of new friends, and grew to know I already knew even more.
Everything else is rather pale in comparison with these two. (Besides, I would rater not talk about me... what did YOU all do last year?)

Now for the exciting part of this post. What direction will this blog be taking?
Well after a lot of prayer, and consideration, I feel like this blog should be used for encouragement, and insightful, optimistic information. (Don't worry, I'll still post some of my short stories, and videos at various intervals...)
I'm going to attempt a once-a-month regular post. (With a random smattering of stuff in the middle of the months)
I'm going to be posting more of what God is teaching me as this year progresses. Whether is be on the topic of which movies I should watch, what music I should listen to, or what He has been showing me spiritually.
I'll also throw in a few movie/book reviews in there for good measure.
What are your thoughts as to where this blog will be going this next year?