Monday, March 18, 2013

Another Short one!

Hey y'all, I know you haven't heard much from me... College life and all. =)
I'll not make any excuses, I'll just get right into the good stuff.
I have another short story written!

I had always thought of myself as an actress. As a young child, my Mom never could tell if my ‘wounds’ were real; and for the most part, they weren’t. There was one wound though that was real. I never even knew my Dad. I know this sounds like any other sob story, but this happens to be MY sob story. Nobody would ever listen to me, so I write out my feeling. Somehow, a blank sheet of paper seems to listen better than most people nowadays.
My Mom actually had me out of wedlock. I didn’t find out until I was 19. I think my Mom was trying to protect me. She probably figured, the less I know, the easier my life would be. I’ll be perfectly honest; my life was fine until I found the truth. You know the saying; “The Truth will set you free”? I didn’t feel very free at that point, actually, I didn’t feel much at that point. Why did my Dad never even want to see his little girl? Was I that much of a disgrace?
As I grew older, I would mask the pain I felt inside. An actress never betrays her true emotions on stage. The stage of my life was no different.  The feelings I had stayed inside.
“Nobody cares to listen to an unwanted teen.” I would tell myself. This kind of scenario is in every country, state, and city.  I was just another scenario. Dads all around the world, walk out on their families. Mom’s leave their Husbands for a ‘more exiting’ life. I could not keep my emotions to myself. I had to tell someone. I felt I would explode if I could not.
My Mom had been a beacon of hope for me since I had left home. I knew I could tell my Mom my feelings. “She will understand;” I told myself. “Dad left her too.” I showed up at her doorstep, and rang the doorbell. A man answered. He seemed to be in his late 50’s, brown hair, now graying. And deep, sad gray eyes.
I was startled. Where was Mom?
“Sir, would you kindly tell me why you are at my Mom’s house?”  I asked; a little colder than I had meant to.
The man answered with a question: “Cindy? Is that you?”
This man was beginning to scare me. How did he know my name? Where was my Mom? Why was he here? The man reached out, and touched the side of my head.
A tear trickled down his wrinkling cheek as he repeated himself. “Cindy, is that you?”
I was quivering in fear now. “What does this man want?!”
“You don’t remember me?” he asked.
“What kind of a question is that?”
“Cindy, I, I am so sorry for leaving you!”
“What? There is no way!”
“I… Cindy… I’m so sorr-…”
At this point, the man broke down into sobs. He fell to his knees, and looked up. His gray eyes, now with a hint of redness looked directly into mine.
I no longer quivered in fear instead, I felt a sadness. A sadness I had never felt since the day my Mom told me the truth. The man seemed to compose himself.
“Cindy, my name is Levi.”
“That name. Why do I remember it?”
A new wash of emotions seem to overcome Levi.
I just stared at him. Why is his name so familiar? Slowly, I begin to remember the name. Then suddenly, like a thunderbolt, I remembered everything. My mom, sitting in her living room, me right next to her. Both of us in tears, she is telling me the reason I didn’t know my Dad. She was telling me why I don’t remember Levi.
“Dad?” I whispered. He looked up at me again. He mouthed the words “will you forgive me?” I was at a loss. On one hand, I could not believe his audacity, to come back and haunt my Mother. On the other, I realized, “He came back! My Dad came back to me!” The latter feelings ground to a halt. I felt nothing towards this monster. He hurt my Mom, abandoned me, and left us to our own devices. He harbored no feelings then, Why the change now? Does he realize how much he destroyed my life, or my Mom? I hated this man. Why do I hate my Father?
I could no longer keep bottled up. My emotions flooded over. I fell to my knees, and hugged him. I told him every feeling I had towards him. I told him I hated him. I told him how he hurt me. I told him how much I missed not having a father. I told him I loved him.
My Dad just kneeled there with me in his arms, and rocked back and forth. Tears coursing down his frail cheeks. He kept whispering.
“Why did I leave you Cindy? I had everything I wanted, why did I leave you?”
Levi had come back to Mom and I. He knew that only through forgiveness, would he be a new man. His coming back, had an even greater effect on me though; Through my Dad’s faults, I found a Father who was faultless. And I can only pray that He will show his faithfulness to my earthly father.
I had always been taught that the truth will set you free. I have been set free. The pain of past emotions has evaporated. I can only forgive; and let go.
“The truth will set us FREE.”
John 8:32

-Copyright 2012-
So, what do y'all think? Let me know! =)
God Bless!