Saturday, November 26, 2011

Y'all have to check this out!

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Song by Jonathan Hoppman:  (To the toon, "Canine Crunchies)

Birthday Blisters can't be beat! They give your hands a special treat.
Blisters on your hands and feet,can't wait till' birthday blisters!

Birthday Blisters laying tile, even though they take a while.
They are 1 foot not a mile, all LOVE Birthday Blisters!

Birthday Blisters Blue AND Red, they hurt all the way to bed.
They sting, throb, and hurt your head, Love those Birthday Blisters. 

Birthday Blisters You should try. They make You whine. They make you cry.
Any-more You just might DIE. Get more Birthday Blisters!

Birthday Blisters Don't look cool. Makes you feel like a fool.
When You have them know they RULE!

Nasty Birthday Blisters!

(Tribute to Dad. WHo got Blisters on his BIRTHDAY!
tyranny I tell You!)

By: Jonathan Hoppman