Sunday, July 31, 2011

Who Thinks This Will Turn Out to be a Good Book?

This is just a preface, but I hope this will peak your interest.

Nighttime was Lt. Ferdinand’s favorite time of the day: The mountains turn to a reddish hue, the sun in the west would look like it was starting the sky on fire, but mostly, the silence. This evening was no different as the whole world seemed to drift into deafening quiet. But Ferdinand noticed that the evening robin was interestingly silent, the cricket taking the first hours of darkness had muted it’s fiddle, then suddenly, the silence of the night was shattered by an explosive roar, a whistling, a thud, and a body falling to the ground. Ferdinand was no longer enjoying the silence, for he had gone silent… deadly silent, never again to make a sound.

Whaddiya think?
Let me know, and I'll keep y'all posted on the forthcoming's of the book!