Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tile Project

Last Month, Dad, Josh, Me, Jonathan, Micah, and even Josiah, were tiling three rooms. I want to share a little of what we did. So enjoy this post through the lens of our camera. :)

BD: Before Demo!

Pulling up the laminate in the Dining Room.

Teamwork gets the job done!!

Josiah had fun... Being as he could destroy something for once!!

Sweeping up the dirt from underneath...
...and this is the pile!! :o

This is the wood from the three rooms!!

Me cutting the tack strip.

Dad pouring the mortar.

The first two tiles.

Notice the shape of the tile? ;)

More laying.

Even more laying.

Almost done with one room!! :D

Starting with the kitchen.

Cutting tile for the design below \/


Tommy liked the tile job!!

Mom and Kelsey painted the dining room and Dad put up some trimming.
The finished product!!