Thursday, April 30, 2009

Red Pens

This is a bill I wrote for a governmental class called "Teen Pact".

By: Jeremiah Hoppman
House bill#423

A bill
To be entitled
An act

All pens must have red ink

Purpose: any other ink doesn’t show very well, but red is very eye catching


Section 1: for the purpose of this bill, red pen ink will eliminate the non-purpose black and blue ink and increase the use of all the purpose red ink.

Section 2: it is unlawful for anybody that has any other color ink to use it.

Section 3: anybody that violates this bill is fined $5.25 and a day in jail.

Section 4: this bill will become law, 3 years after the governor signs.

The Baseball Game!!

This is a story someone wrote. (Not going to tell to protect HIS privacy.) :)

The Baseball Game!

The Hoppman Family Pets were playing baseball. The teams were the Cats vs. the Dogs. The Cats were up to bat first. The first batter was Annie the cat. As she stepped up to the home plate, Tommy, the cat, exclaimed “To think we eat on those!!!” Annie frowned. Saber, the dog, was the Umpire and Scooter, the dog, was the pitcher. Tommy giggled, “You must hold a lot of water!! Or lemonade for that matter.” Scooter pitched a curveball. “Strike one!” Saber declared. “I wasn’t ready!” protested Annie. “Hey Scooter may I be a cheerleader?” Tommy asked. Scooter shrugged, “Sure.” The second pitch came and Annie swung with all her might. The ball landed on Annie’s toe and Annie shrieked, “Ouch!!” The bat flew high into the air. “Its going, going, and gone!” Saber declared, “Its just too bad it was the bat instead of the ball.” “Way to go Cats!” yelled Tommy leaping in the air. “You’re out!” Saber called at the third strike - out. Tiki, the cat, stepped up to the plate. The ball was pitched, and Tiki shrieked out; “Hey! Are you trying to kill me?!?!” “Strike one.” Saber called out. Tiki ducked all the other pitches that came his way. “You’re out.” Saber said. “That’s right!” shouted Tommy, “Go Cats!” Tiki booted Tommy in the air as Risky, the cat, stepped up to the plate. She was the Cats only hope. Scooter pitched the ball and….. Wham! The hit was a homerun! The Cats cheered as Tommy declared, “I’ve seen my Grandma hit a better homerun than that when she had a broken arm and leg! Go Cats!” Risky ignored Tommie’s crude comment. Despite the Cats homerun they lost to the Dogs. The Cats pitching was terrible and no one wanted to be an Umpire. “Go Cats!” Tommy yelled.” “Yea right,” Tiki snarled, “Some cheerleader!” “Bad sports these days…” Tommy muttered then frowned, “Go Dogs!“
The End

Marshmellow gun

Here is a "recipe" on how to make and usu your own marshmellow gun!!

Things You'll Need

At least 39 inches of half-inch PVC pipe per gun

Hacksaw/band saw


Permanent marker

2 elbow joints per gun

2 T-shaped joints per gun

2 end caps per gun

Decorations (tape, stickers, paint, markers, etc)

Miniature marshmallows

Eye protection (optional)


File (Optional)


Homestead Learning: How to Make a Marshmallow Gun

How to Make a Marshmallow Gun

Marshmallow guns are fun, while remaining accurate but non-lethal. The basic idea is that you blow into a series of PVC tubes to push out a marshmallow. Great for parties and having fun with your friends.

Use a ruler to mark off four 5-inch sections of pipe and two 3-inch sections of pipe and two 2-inch section of pipe with a black marker. Then mark off one 8-inch section of pipe and cut the pipe at that mark, leaving you with one 38-inch piece. It's just easier to work with a shorter pipe.

Cut at the other marks you made in step 1, to produce the required six 5-inch pieces and one 8-inch piece.

Get the two elbow-bend connectors, two T-shaped connectors, and two end caps.

Take the 8-inch piece and insert it into one of the two horizontal ends of one T-shaped connector.

Put one 5-inch piece in the other horizontal end of the same T-shaped connector.

Insert another 5-inch piece into the third opening of the connector. Put a cap on the other end of this piece; this is one of the handles of your gun.

Go back to the first short piece you put in (the horizontal one) and put the other T-shaped connector on the other end, this time with the third connector facing up (so it looks like an upside-down T).

Insert a 5-inch piece into each opening of the connector.

Put an elbow connector on both pipes that you just put in. The connector on the vertical pipe should face away from the 8-inch piece; the connector on the horizontal pipe should face down.

Insert the remaining two 5-inch pieces into the elbow connectors and put a cap on the end of the vertical one.

You now have a working marshmallow gun. It's awfully plain, though, and that industrial printing on the pipe is ugly. Let's jazz it up a little!

Decorate the gun using colorful tape, fun stickers, markers, paint, or whatever you want. Diluting white glue with water will result in a clear-drying liquid perfect for decoupage. This mixture can also be used as a varnish/sealant to keep marker ink from rubbing off, paint from flaking off, stickers from falling off, et cetera. If you've got enough cash to spare, colorful electrical tape works beautifully, though the cost of one little roll tends to be a bit steep.

To fire the gun, first take a mini marshmallow and place it gently in the opening of the only uncapped small pipe (the one on top of the gun, with the opening pointing away from the 9-inch piece - the 8-inch piece is the gun barrel). Take a deep breath and blow into the opening that you just put a marshmallow into. Your confection should shoot out of the barrel.

If it doesn't, try blowing again. It might've gotten stuck.

Enjoy your marshmallow gun!

Optional quick loader

File down a hole large enough to fit a marshmallow in the center of the "T" piece connecting to the barrel.

Make a cover for this that can easily be removed. Such as a piece of cardstock taped down.

Load a marshmallow pointing towards the 9 inch piece on that side of the "T" piece.

Blow into the open end! This method is less likely that the marshmallow will get stuck.


Don't eat your ammo.

Get together with friends. Have everyone make a gun, get several bags of mini-marshmallows, and go outside and have a marshmallow fight!

Pick up the marshmallows when you're done - they're very likely bad for animals. If the marshmallows get wet, the sugar makes a big mess.

Sand down the edge of the tube that you blow into if it's jagged so it doesn't cut your lips.

If you have access to one, use a band saw instead of a hacksaw - it's faster, easier on the arms, and the cut's cleaner.

You can probably find PVC cutters at most hardware stores. They look like shears and are also much faster and easier to use than a hacksaw.

It is far safer to use nylon string to cut the PVC, just get a piece of nylon string about 2 foot long loop it around the pipe and alternately pull each end back and forth the friction and abrasiveness of the string will make a smooth cut, just be careful to keep straight.


This project involves the use of a hacksaw. Children under 14 should get Mom or Dad to help with the cutting.

Get someone to hold the pipe in place while you're cutting it - that reduces the movement of the pipe, making it easier and safer to cut.

Marshmallows may be soft, squishy things of joy, but when traveling at high speeds they can hurt a little. Never aim for anyone's face.

Make sure you don't inhale your marshmallow. Try not to touch your tongue to it, either - moisture makes marshmallows sticky, which makes them harder to clean up.

The blade of the hacksaw may come off, bend, et cetera. Be aware of friction and check the blade every so often. Wear closed-toe shoes.

Be careful with this marshmallow gun. Hitting someone in the face with a marshmallow is at least better than hitting someone in the face with the gun itself.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Baby Animals

This is a poem that Jonathan wrote:

Baby Animals
Animal babies sometimes go peep!
Baa, meow, or awoooo!
God loves these little blessings…

God created Dogs
For some family fun.
Thank-you Lord
For all you’ve done!
God made wonders
Big and small.
God made giraffes-
Short and tall!
God made plants,
Spring, and Fall.
Thank-you God
That you don’t stall!

Some of these little animal friends are,
Big fat Chickens who lay eggs,
God made ostrich with long legs.
God made fish
That swim in water
God made pigs-
(we eat and slaughter)
God made birds-
All with wings!
For all these things!

Jonathan Hoppman
Age: 11